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Scientists Say Meat Is Crucial to the Human Diet – Warn Against Vegan ‘Zealotry’

icon Jan 11, 2024

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icon May 5, 2023


I’m 77 and have eaten meat of all kinds all my life, and was even a meat cutter for five years while in my twenties. Before that I was a Dairyman for eight years, so I know beef and cows. The crap the vegans are trying to feed humanity is so out of touch to what humans are, it is almost a joke.

Most Vegans are not all that healthy as you look at their skinny frames. And now they have Almond Milk because it looks white. Believe me the nutrition of that milk does not hold a candle to cows milk and what it affords our bodies.

As for meat; In that delicious package you get all the enzymes and complete proteins that a body needs to grow and prosper. Take a moment and consider the Inuit of the norther regions. They cannot grow vegetables or fruit and mainly subsist on fats and meat, and they appear to be fit and robust as compared to Vegans.

Remember my friends; “Every living thing on this planet lives off every other dead thing”, regardless of whether it vegetables, fruit, pigs, cows or flying birds. Even Vegans must adhere to that simple recipe. Our bodies were not created to eat anything that was not dead and just the eating of food is the act of killing it for your own survival.

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