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European Country Becomes First to BAN Lab-Grown Meat and REJECT Insects as ‘Food’

icon Jan 11, 2024

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icon April 1, 2023


I am not going to put bill gates fake meat or something else in my body that most likely has parasites in it. Screw U peta, wef chuck slob and all the rest.

icon April 1, 2023

George Tihson

Boy, these “elites” will stop at nothing to charm the money out of the wallets of the Common Person!
The spirit of the Snake Oil Salesman and P.T. Barnum lives and is amongst us. Caveat Emptor!
In leaving, Semper Ubi Sub Ubi!

    icon April 2, 2023


    Re “Boy, these “elites” will stop at nothing to charm the money out of the wallets of the Common Person!”

    Of course they stop at nothing because they are psychopaths (see, a fact you and 99% of “woke” people still have not understood and so they make such statements in absolute amazement.

    “… normal and healthy discontent .. is being termed extremist.” — Martin Luther King, Jr, 1929-1968, Civil Rights Activist

icon April 1, 2023


Lab grown meat from immortal cell lines (cancers).

Parasite infested bugs.

icon April 1, 2023

Ed Cane

Americans in conservative areas should form Grand Juries and call for the arrests of the subversive elements in bureaucratic government agencies and the elitist billionaires who have corrupted the media. They should be in prison for their treasonous actions. If you like this idea, spread the word, maybe ‘we the people’ can make it happen.

Freedom is precious. Globalism is the new form of slavery.

icon April 1, 2023

Shari Morse

We live in a rural area with farms all around us. We get meat from local farmers .
We’re in our early 80s so hopefully will be long gone before this garbage comes to

Bill Gates, and the rest of pro bug/ plant based food folks, burn in hell.

icon April 2, 2023

Trump man

Fake meat or mRNA jabbed real meat. You decide which is better. The meat boards just decided to use mRNA DNA editing on cattle and pork. Its starting this month. Gates admitted its a DNA editing tool to Jab all those trump supporters that refused to take the death “jab”.

icon April 2, 2023


Welcome to the new meaning of “democracy”. Your “freedom of choice” is to do what we say (eat bugs, fake meats, no fossil fuels, …). The reason behind this BS is to monopolize the food processing system. Then the wealthy globalists can eat meat while the rest of us eat whatever they tell us we can eat.

icon April 3, 2023


Wow. These comments are ridiculous. Lab grown meat is identical to conventional meat. The only difference is that lab grown meat does not contain the chemicals, antibiotics, and potential pathogens found in conventionally raised meat. Lab grown meat is also much, much more humane. There’s really no downside. The opposition is mired in misinformation.

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